Wellness Program


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  1. Comprehensive lab profiles that measure Intracellular function of selected essential micro-nutrients.
  2. A Vitamin Scan measuring your body’s key anti-oxidant level, by Pharmanex.
  3. The physician’s interpretation of the results.
  4. Personal recommendations for specific supplementation.
  5. Long term follow-up and re-testing to ensure an individual’s deficiencies have been corrected.
  6. Dietary recommendations.
  7. Advice and personalized weight loss plan if necessary.
  8. Body Mass Index results with discussion of your ideal BMI.
  9. Vitamin deficiency information packet.


These studies go above and beyond standard medical testing that the physician reviews with her patients.  Across the country, wellness, preventative medicine and anti-aging centers charge high prices to perform similar panels. 


Dr. Fathie already brings the best of traditional medicine to all her patients. Now, she would like to bring the latest preventative medicine to her patients too—at affordable prices.


Multivitamins with Antioxidants


Dr. Fathie is a distributor of Life PAK Nano and Pharmanex Products including great multivitamins for kids!


Check out Life PAK Nano at www.pharmanex.com.  Sign up as a distributor and get the best prices on all their products.


Please use Dr. Fathie’s Distributor Number US0890930 when creating your account.


We are an official draw station for Spectracell Lab.


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